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Friday and Saturday
November 25 and 26, 2022
10:00 - 18:00
Wollzeile 20, 1010 VIENNA

What our customers say about the Forever Bracelet:

Nice nice! Great!

I'm excited! Great idea and great quality!

- Suzanne W.

Perfect for mother and daughter

My daughter gave me a forever bracelet for my 50th birthday. Together we chose a Vienna bracelet with sweet sapphire stones.

- Barbara T

My new daily companion

I got my first forever bracelet done last year. I'm so in love!!! I already have 3 forever bracelets

- Julia B

Einfach Sprachlos

Ich trage mein Forever Bracelet schon über ein Jahr. Mein Armkettchen hat schon so viel durchgemacht und trotzdem sieht es wie neu aus!

- Anna F.


Jedes mal wenn ich mich mit Freundinnen treffe werde ich darauf angesprochen! Ich liebe mein Forever Bracelet

- Natascha A.

'Endless' delicate gold perfectly adapted to your wrist.

Minimalist and timeless, a small sign against the fast fashion trend and fast pace and a wonderful declaration of love for partners and friends! Enjoy every moment and shine with your 'Forever Bracelet'.

Our forever bracelets are individually adapted to your wrist and soldered directly. Minimalist with no closure.

Vienna Forever Bracelet

Gold / Rosé / Weiß

+ Zirkonia Anhänger

Berlin Forever Bracelet

Gold / Rosé / Weiß

Paris Forever Bracelet

Gold / Rosé

Rome Forever Bracelet

Gold / Weiß


Manhattan Forever Bracelet


Hast du fragen?

Wir haben ein Q&A für dich vorbereitet.

What are Koni Forever Bracelets?

Our forever bracelets are bracelets made of 14 or 18 carat gold, which we solder directly onto your wrist. This means that your Forever Bracelet has no clasp.

How are Forever Bracelets made?

First you choose your favorite necklace from our selection. Once you've decided, we measure your wrist and solder it directly to your wrist with some sort of pin.

Does it hurt?

no For additional protection of your skin, we place a pad between your arm and the bracelet. You won't notice anything except a small flash of light.

Where can I get a forever bracelet made?

As far as we know, we are the only ones in Austria who offer forever bracelets. We organize small events in our branch at Wollzeile 20, where you can have your forever bracelet made.

The next event is expected to take place on October 29th!
Click here for the Facebook event

What if I want/need to take off my Forever Bracelet?

That's no problem (: You can pinch it off yourself at any time or come to us and we'll be happy to remove it for you!

Can I have a removed Forever Bracelet reattached?

Yes! We would be happy to solder your forever bracelet back onto your wrist!
You are welcome to have this done for 15€ at the next event or by appointment! The best thing to do is simply send us an email or give us a call at our branch in Wollzeile.

I love my Forever Bracelet but would like to be able to take it on and off - what can I do?

If you don't like your Forever Bracelet or would like to be able to take it on and off, we'll be happy to pinch it off and attach a clasp for €35 instead! After about a week you can pick up your bracelet again!

This is possible in each of our 3 branches!

Will I have problems at airport security?

No! Fine jewelry is not a problem. You can leave your forever bracelet on.

Can I also have my Forever Bracelet attached to my neck, for example?

No, that's not exactly certain, which is why we only offer our Forever Bracelets for the wrist.

Are Forever Bracelets also available as anklets?

On July 1, 2022, our first Forever Anklet Event took place, where there was the opportunity to purchase the Forever Bracelet in the form of an anklet. Whether a next anklet event will take place is still being considered.

If you are interested in normal anklets, just drop by our online shop or one of our branches in summer.

I want to gift a Forever Bracelet, how can I do that?

Forever bracelets are perfect gifts for your best friend, your partner and anyone you want to make special. To make it suitable for this person, we recommend that you invite them to the event. You can come to the store and have a voucher issued for our Forever Bracelets that you can give away. However, these vouchers can only be redeemed at one of our events.

At the moment we do not offer vouchers online, only in our Koni stores.

Which chains are available?

At the moment we have these bracelets to choose from:
Vienna Forever Bracelet (14 carat) 99,–
Berlin Forever Bracelet (14 carats). 150.00
Paris Forever Bracelet (18 carats) 150,–
Rome Forever Bracelet (14 carats) 165,–
Manhattan Forever Bracelet (18 carat) 290,–
+ Zirconia pendant from 10.00
+ Sapphire pendant from 35.00

How long will my forever bracelet last?

As long as you want! Since this is real gold chain, you don't have to worry about it because the colors are preserved and the material is very robust. We only recommend keeping the chain as clean as possible. Of course it can happen that you get stuck or something happens - we are all only human.

If your Forever Bracelet breaks, you are welcome to contact us by email ( or by phone (+43 676 7127624) to arrange an appointment. Soldering costs 15 euros.