our service

In recent years we have been happy to be able to offer our customers an all-inclusive service. This has also included repairing our jewelry free of charge.

Due to the continuous growth of our business and our Koni community, we are unfortunately forced to charge flat rates for certain repairs from 2023 onwards. We have tried to make this as fair as possible.

We will continue to strive to offer our Koni Family only the best every day & ask for your understanding for this renewal.


For our Koni jewelry we offer a 1 year guarantee from the date of purchase. The guarantee applies to all manufacturing and processing defects, such as gold plating that does not last long, defective chains or defective clasps.

This does not include any damage caused by the consumer, e.g. broken chains due to external influences, broken parts of the piece of jewelry, wear and tear and scratches, contamination due to improper use, contamination due to improper storage or wear and tear.

If defective Koni jewelery (at its discretion and assessment) does not fall under the guarantee or warranty claim, it can be repaired for a fee.

Regardless of the guarantee, you are entitled to the rights within the framework of the statutory guarantee. These are not restricted by the guarantee.

repairs and fabrications

Koni Design does have some fixed repair prices, but these serve as a rough estimate. In special cases, there may be increased repair costs, it can then be decided whether this repair should be carried out.

Band change from Koni bands 2 € / band change from bracelets with balls 4 € / band change from other bands 5 € / band change from bands with several plates from 5 € / new threading of bracelets with stones 5 € / new silver clasp 5 € / new gold clasp 35€ / Solder additional gold eyelets for bracelets or necklaces 25€ / chain/chain ring €15 / reduce chain ring €10 / replace chain ring stone €5 / new knotting of chains and bracelets €15 / cleaning + gilding €15 / undoing knots €5 per knot / shortening of bracelets or necklaces €10 / lengthening of bracelets / necklaces €10 + additional material costs