Genieße jeden Moment mit unserem originalen Koni 'FOREVER BRACELET®'.
Unser Terminplan ist für die nächsten 30 Tage geöffnet.
Alle Termine finden un unserer Filiale in der Wollzeile 20 statt!

Zu "Forever Events" benötigst du keinen Termin, es gilt "First Come FIrst Serve"

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What our customers say about the FOREVER BRACELET®:

Nice nice! Great!

I'm excited! Great idea and great quality! I've been wearing my bracelet for over a year and it still shines like the first day!

- Suzanne W.

Perfect for mother and daughter

My daughter gave me a forever bracelet for my 50th birthday. Together we chose a Vienna bracelet with sweet sapphire stones.

- Barbara T

My new daily companion

I got my first forever bracelet done last year. I'm so in love!!! I already have 3 forever bracelets

- Julia B

Simply speechless

I've been wearing my Forever Bracelet for over a year. My bracelet has been through so much and it still looks brand new!

- Anna F


Every time I meet up with friends I get asked about it! I love my forever bracelet

- Natasha A.

A trend I'm part of!

A sign against fast-moving trends? This is simply brilliant! I have two of these forever bracelets and I realize that you really don't need any more! Great idea!!!

- Lena K

Fits perfectly!!!!!

I always had difficulty with bracelets, they were all too big for me. For the Forever Bracelet, my arm was measured and the chain was fitted perfectly. I love how size-inclusive Koni is.

- Teresa. H.