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18. November - Vienna
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1010 Vienna
10:00 - 18:00


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'Endless' delicate gold.
Our popular Koni bracelets made of 14 and 18 carat gold are individually adjusted to your wrist and welded directly by a Koni expert. We have perfected the art of permanent jewelry since 2019 and have already welded several thousand Forever Bracelet!


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27 April - Sindelfingen
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71065 Sindelfingen
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10 & 11 MAY - MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL - Vienna
(-10% for all those who come with their moms)
Koni Store (Wollzeile 20)
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18 May - Graz
Kastner & Öhler
Sackstrasse 7-13,
8010 Graz
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24 & 25 May - Munich
Sendlinger Str. 3,
80331 Munich
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Our permanent bracelets are the perfect gift, whether boyfriend or girlfriend,
Mom and daughter or best friends.

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How it all began...

How did Forever Bracelets® actually come about?

The Idea

Since Koni came into being, the idea of ​​a bracelet that was the perfect length for everyone and avoided wasting material had existed. However, the implementation was very difficult because at that time there were no machines that could do this safely and without the risk of burns. That's why this idea remained a little dream for the time being.

First sales

Finally there was a technology that could safely and quickly solder on bracelets without a clasp. At that time we were still a small and unknown company with no advertising budget. That's why we only offered the then nameless bracelets to a few customers. However, our friends and relatives had the first prototypes since 2016!

First events

Since we were proud that our prototypes still held up, we planned an exciting event - Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic put a damper on our plans and we had to postpone the event; the first big event didn't take place until fall 2021. We now also offer appointments and organize regular events, even in Germany.

14 & 18 Karat Gold

Damit du dein Forever Bracelet wirklich überall tragen kannst, haben wir uns für robustes
14 Karat Massivgold entschieden. ("Paris" ist sogar 18 karätig.) Gold ist langlebig, färbt nicht ab,
und du kannst sorgenfrei Sport betreiben, schwimmen gehen oder die Sauna genießen!

what our customers wear...

Vienna Forever Bracelet + Champange Zirconia Pendant

what our customers wear...

Gold / Rosé / White

what our customers wear...

Rome Forever Bracelet + 12 colorful sapphire pendants

Paris Forever Bracelet + Diamond Pendant

was unsere Kunden tragen...

Oslo Forever Bracelet + Onyx Anhänger

was unsere Kunden tragen...

Vienna Forever Bracelets + gefasste Diamanten

was unsere Kunden tragen...

Rome Forever Bracelet + Timeless ABC

What our customers say about the FOREVER BRACELET®:

Nice nice! Great!

I'm excited! Great idea and great quality! I've been wearing my bracelet for over a year and it still shines like the first day!

- Suzanne W.

Nice gift idea

I was there today and gave this to my daughters for their first year with their babies. Because you actually have to celebrate mothers for their first year.

- Nev R.

Perfect for mother and daughter

My daughter gave me a forever bracelet for my 50th birthday. Together we chose a Vienna bracelet with sweet sapphire stones.

- Barbara T

My new daily companion

I got my first forever bracelet done last year. I'm so in love!!! I already have 3 forever bracelets

- Julia B

Simply speechless

I've been wearing my Forever Bracelet for over a year. My bracelet has been through so much and it still looks brand new!

- Anna F


Every time I meet up with friends I get asked about it! I love my forever bracelet

- Natasha A.

A trend I'm part of!

A sign against fast-moving trends? This is simply brilliant! I have two of these forever bracelets and I realize that you really don't need any more! Great idea!!!

- Lena K

Fits perfectly!!!!!

I always had difficulty with bracelets, they were all too big for me. For the Forever Bracelet, my arm was measured and the chain was fitted perfectly. I love how size-inclusive Koni is.

- Teresa. H.

Unbreakable friendship

For my birthday I received a forever bracelet from my best friend. It was such a personal gesture that it almost brought me to tears. Every time I look at it it reminds me of our friendship. Highly Recommended!

- Anna F

Thanks Koni!

I bought my Forever Bracelet as a symbol of self-love. It's the only piece of jewelry I wear every day and it feels like it gives me extra strength. Thank you, Koni, for accepting me without judgment.

- Stella S.

Mega quality and super beautiful!

My partner and I gave each other forever bracelets for our anniversary. Quality is great and still holds up after a year!!

- Magdalena P.

Love it so much!

I am so impressed with the quality and service when customizing my Forever Bracelet. It fits like a glove and has already received many compliments. It's definitely a recommendation!

-Derya G.

Important piece of jewelry

I have a Forever Bracelet with a small diamond in memory of a loved one who has passed away. It is a daily comfort and a sign of eternal love. A truly special piece of jewelry.

-Vanessa H.

Forever connected

I recently purchased a Forever Bracelet for my daughter who has now moved abroad. It was our way of saying that no matter how far apart we are, we will always stay connected. She loves it!

- Ingrid M.

Vienna and Berlin Forever Bracelet

in the color gold

Oslo Forever Bracelet

in the color gold

Paris Forever Bracelet

in the color gold

London Forever Bracelet

in the color gold

Amsterdam Forever Bracelet

in the color gold


Manhattan Forever Bracelet

in the color gold

Do you have any questions?

We have prepared a Q&A for you.

Where can I get a forever bracelet made?

As far as we know, we are the only ones in Austria who offer forever bracelets.

We organize small events in our branch at Wollzeile 20,
where you can have your forever bracelet made.

The next events are on January 28th, February 16th and February 17th!

How long will my forever bracelet last?

As long as you want! Since this is real gold chain, you don't have to worry about it because the colors stay the same and the material is very robust. The only thing we recommend is to keep the chain as clean by rinsing it with water regularly. 

If your Forever Bracelet breaks, you are welcome to contact us by email ( or by phone (+43 676 7127624) to arrange an appointment. Re-welding a Forever Bracelet costs 15 euros.

Which chains are available?

At the moment we have these bracelets to choose from:
Vienna Forever Bracelet (14 carat) 99,–
Berlin Forever Bracelet (14 carats). 150,-
Paris Forever Bracelet (18 carats) 150,-
Rome Forever Bracelet (14 carats) 165,–
Manhattan Forever Bracelet (18 carat) 290,–
+ Zirconia pendant 10.,-
+ Sapphire pendant 35,-
+ Diamond pendant starting at 140,-


Will it cost me more if I choose a longer chain length or less if I choose a shorter one?

No, the price for each piece of jewelry is fixed and depends on the chain you choose.

Do I have to register for the event?

No! At our Forever Events we give everyone the chance to get a Forever Bracelet. It is therefore first come first serve.

Unfortunately, I can't come to the event... Can I also make an appointment?

You are welcome to make an appointment with us! Since our Forever Bracelets are in high demand, we only have very few appointment slots left.

Just send us an email to

Is it possible to add a pendant to my Forever Bracelet later?

Yes, of course! You can simply book an appointment for additions and we will add the charms you have chosen.

I want to gift a Forever Bracelet, how can I do that?

Forever bracelets are perfect gifts for your best friend, your partner and anyone you want to make special.

That's why we offer Giftcards and appointments.

You can either purchase a Giftcard online or come to one of our stores and have a printed Giftcard issued for our Forever Bracelets that you can give away.

If you cannot come to the event, an appointment outside of the event is possible. Please send us an email to

What if I want/need to take off my Forever Bracelet?

That's no problem (: You can pinch it off yourself at any time or come to us and we'll be happy to remove it for you!

Can I have a removed Forever Bracelet reattached?

Yes! We would be happy to weld your forever bracelet back onto your wrist!
You are welcome to have this done for 15€ at the next event or by appointment! The best thing to do is simply send us an email or give us a call at our branch in Wollzeile.

I love my Forever Bracelet but would like to be able to take it on and off - what can I do?

If you don't like your Forever Bracelet after all, or if you want to be able to take it on and off, we'll be happy to cut it off and attach a clasp for €35 instead! After about a week you can pick up your bracelet again!

You can visit any of our stores for that.

Will I have problems at airport security?

Not at all! Fine jewelry is not a problem. You can leave your forever bracelet on.

Can I also have my Forever Bracelet attached to my neck, for example?

No, that's not exactly safe, which is why we only offer our Forever Bracelets for the wrist.

Are Forever Bracelets also available as anklets?

On July 1, 2022, our first Forever ANKLET Event took place, where there was the opportunity to purchase the Forever Bracelet in the form of an anklet. Whether a next anklet event will take place is still not decided.

If you are interested in normal anklets, just drop by our online shop or one of our stores in the summer.

Can I return my Forever Bracelet?

Since we cut and solder each bracelet individually for each customer, returns are unfortunately not possible.

If your forever bracelet is broken, we'll be happy to solder it back on! Soldering costs 15€ .

Do I have to remove my Forever Bracelet for medical examinations?

Our Forever Bracelets are made of high quality 14/18 karat gold and do not normally need to be removed for medical procedures such as an MRI.

However, your doctor may ask you to take it off. If this is the case, you can open the bracelet at the eyelet using scissors or pliers.

Keep the bracelet safe and then make anappointment with us so that we can professionally reattach it.