KONI – We are Family

We are Maria and Leszek KONIeczka, a married couple who, with unlimited creativity, attention to detail and great willpower, have made KONI what it is today. A friendly and authentic family business made in Vienna!

the story

It all started with a shared passion and lots of creative ideas. We started designing our own jewelry and that's how a dream became a reality.

In 2000 we opened our first store in Vienna's 3rd district. We lived out our passion and produced our Koni gems in our on-site workshop .

The demand for our designs increased and in 2005 the second Koni store was opened in the heart of Vienna, downtown. Our customers were convinced of the high quality of the pieces of jewelery and the Koni family kept growing. In November 2019 we finally opened our largest branch in Wollzeile 1010 Vienna .

Today, with the support of our daughter Viktoria, we run all three shops together with our Koni team and pursue the dream of inspiring our customers with delicate and original pieces of jewellery .

Our mission

Koni stands for delicate, elegant and high-quality jewellery. The majority of our jewelry is handmade in our workshop, on the country road . We produce in small quantities, often one-offs , which make the Koni experience even more unique for our customers. We obtain the materials for our in -house production from certified dealers. Jewelery that we do not produce ourselves comes exclusively from European designers.

We do not want to compromise between inspiring and unique designs and conscious manufacturing . That's what we strive for.